Web Site of the Innsbruck Cyclorama
"The Battle of Bergisel 1809"

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In the center of this home page you'll find three "fields", metaphors for the parts of the cyclorama.

- The canvas: A click on the canvas will transport you right into the picture and provide you with various views of the Innsbruck cyclorama: either the classic wide-angle approach with historical notes or quicktime virtual reality.

- The platform: Here you can view more than 80 pages on the history of the art of cycloramas, the development of these panoramic paintings, and the story of how the Innsbruck cyclorama was created. Follow the history of Bergisel, the hill of heroes, from a 19th century battle site to its present-day function and learn about Andreas Hofer. There are scenes from the 1929 movie about Andreas Hofer for computer freaks with fast modems and still shots from the weather cam for those who prefer more conventional input.

- The communications center: Sign our guest book and tell us what you think. Take a look at current projects with schools and check our site map to find out how much of our Web site you've already seen. Or choose a text from "reading", a list of original German sources, to print out and read later at your leisure.

Please use Netscape Navigator Version 3 or 4.
In order to enjoy quicktime virtual reality, the movies and the sound, you'll have to install the quicktime-plugin on your computer.