andreas hofer in the hofburg

Andreas Hofer and his advisers in the Imperial Palace in Innsbruck.
Painting by Franz Defregger.

On the morning after the August 13 victory on Bergisel, Hofer called all his officers together on the hill. Striding into their midst and falling to his knees, gave heartfelt and emotional thanks to God Almighty and the Blessed Virgin. He claimed no glory for himself, saying, "Not me; not you either, but Him up there!" The supreme commander of Tyrol's armed forces then proclaimed himself governor of the province in the name of the emperor himself. Hofer went to mass every morning and prayed the rosary every evening in the Hofburg. Each military action was preceded by a mass, after which Hofer uttered his famous motto to the troops: "You've been to mass; you've had a schnapps. Now forward in the name of God!"