The cyclorama society was founded in the early 1990's with the goal of establishing cooperation among the world's 30 or so surviving examples of the genre.
Annual conventions are held to encourage research and the exchange of information.

Some cycloramas are already on the Net:

St. Anne de Beaupré (Canada)
Altoetting (Germany)
Bad Frankenhausen (Germany)
Den Haag (Netherlands)
Einsiedeln (Switzerland)
Lucerne (Switzerland)
Thun (Switzerland)
Prag (Czech Republic)
Moskau (Russia)
Szeged (Hungary)

...but the others aren't

Salzburg (Austria)
London (Great Britain)
Greenwich (Great Britain)
Braine l'Alleud (Belgium)
Wroclaw (Poland)
Pleven (Bulgaria)
Volgograd (Russia)
Sebastopol (Ukraine)
Atlanta (USA)
Gettysburg (USA)
New York (USA)
Washington (USA)
Baghdad (Iraq)
Alice Springs (Australia)
Cairo-Heliopolis (Egypt)
Beijing (China)
Yingkou (China)
Pyongyang (North Korea)