Helmut Alexander: The Tyrolean Fight for Freedom in 1809 - History and Film.
- An analysis of how the historic film about Andreas Hofer and the year 1809 came to be and the impact it had.

Franz Caramelle: Innsbruck's Giant Panoramic Painting.
- The definitive history of the rotunda with important information about the cyclorama itself.

Franz Huter: The Year 1809 in Tyrolean History.
- A look at the history and politics of 1809 from the perspective of the Swinging Sixties.

Johann Holzner: The Image of Andreas Hofer in Literature.
- How regional authors, like the movie makers, handled Hofer's history - with varying degrees of success.

Peter Rosegger: An excerpt from 'Alpine Summer'.
- A prominent guest's enthusiastic record of his impressions during a visit to the cyclorama in its heyday.

Alfred Polgar: An article from 'World Stage'.
- Reflections of a pacifist on the use of the cyclorama as a propaganda instrument during the First World War.

Arno Gisinger: "Visions and Illusions" (catalog text for the "Faux Terrain" exhibit).

Note: All texts are available in german language only.
Thanks to the authors for the kind permission to use their texts..